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Recent jobs

1/27/2008 Larchmont, NY, Samsung LNS4096D.  Samsung panels are always tricky to calibrate and requires a lot of patience.  This set looked great once tuned up.

1/27/2008 Huntington, Long Island, Olevia 323V.  A cheap and decent set that calibrates very well.  A good kitchen/bedroom choice.

1/27/2008 Huntington, Long Island,  Panasonic TH-42PHD7U.  This set was calibrated by me two years ago, and had drifted considerably.  A quick tune-up made it look great again.

1/27/2008 East Meadow, Long Island, Panasonic TH-50PHD7U.  On older Panasonic that still performs perfectly.  Paired with a Lumagen scaler for excellent picture quality.

1/27/2008 Westport, CT, Sony LCD XBR4.  The XBR4 is very close to the XBR3 with the additional benefit of 120Hz processing, making film content look great.  Accurate and easy to calibrate.

1/19/2008 Upper East Side, Panasonic TH-42PH10UK. The latest generation of Panasonic plasmas are an incremental step up from the last, and one of the best values out there.  A reference display for very little money.

1/17/2008 Williamsburg, JVC RS1.  Great blacks from this, also plenty of light output.  The gamut is very large and require an external video processor to reign in.  A very nice punchy image.

1/17/2008 Williamsburg, Sony CRT XBR 960.  The old-time reference display still has what it takes to deliver an accurate image.  Of course, geometry and convergence leave something to be desired.

1/17/2008 Upper East Side, Panasonic TH-42PH10UK. The latest generation of Panasonic plasmas are an incremental step up from the last, and one of the best values out there.  A reference display for very little money.

11/12/2007 The Village, Toshiba LX177 46" LCD.  Very inaccurate green primary, but CMS controls managed to correct it almost all the way.  Apart from a slight red push, color decoder was good.  Grayscale easy to set and very flat.  Displays at 120Hz, resulting in judder-free motion from multiple scanrates (1080p/60, 1080p/24).

11/11/2007 Staten Island, Sony Ruby.  Even with 600 hours on the bulb, the picture is still plenty bright.  Perfect color decoding and good blacks. All controls available in the user menu.

11/8/2007 Upper East Side, Sony LCD XBR2.  One of the top LCD displays on the on the market, and worth the money.  HDMI is preferred with this set and gives good detail.  All sources looked great post-calibration.

10/28/2007 Williamsburg, Samsung 5053 plasma. Samsung plasmas have come a long way, and this set is mostly accurate.  Grayscale calibrates easily and color decoder is not far off.  A much better offering than only a year ago from Samsung.

10/7/2007 Chelsea,  Panasonic 50" Industrial plasmas + Lumagen HDP. A classic combo that delivers every time.  An easy job with great results.

7/15/2007 Chelsea, 2 x Panasonic 50" Industrial plasmas. Always a joy to work on and very accurate.  One of the plasmas was calibrated about a year ago (by me) and had drifted quite substantially.  Grayscale was off by over 1000K (low in blue) due to the quicker aging of the blue phosphor.  A quick tune-up and the picture was back to perfection.

6/30/2007 West Village, Sony 46" XBR2 LCD. Still one of the best performing LCD sets on the market.  Good blacks, accurate gamma, flat grayscale.  Processing of 480i and 480p leaves some to be desired, but HD content looks great.

6/27/2007 Upper West Side, Pioneer PDP-5080.  A set with amazing black level.  Pioneer's black  has come a very long way and is now the game to beat for other plasmas manufacturers.  Grayscale easy to calibrate and ruler flat.  There is still a red push color decoder error, and oversaturated red and green primaries.  Even with these errors, the picture is very impressive with a great contrast ratio.

6/25/2007 Williamsburg, Sony 910 XBR CRT.  A very capable HD display used for video production.  Easy to calibrate and with all the features you could want.  Now, if it only had perfect geometry...

5/22/2007 Midtown, Philips 50PF7220A/37.  A sub $1000 50" plasma!  For the money, this is hard to beat.  Limited in functionality and using somewhat dated video processing.  Despite this, capable of very nice HD performance with a good source!

5/19/2007 New Jersey, Pioneer PDP-5070.  Not as ruler-flat grayscale as the Panasonic, but very impressive.  Black levels finally fixed and video processing is outstanding.  The 72Hz mode for film eliminates judder completely.

5/19/2007 New Jersey, 2 x Panasonic consumer plasmas. Ruler-flat grayscale in the latest iteration of this popular set.  Very high level of performance and only minor color decoder issues.

5/19/2007 New Jersey, Fujitsu Plasma.  Another straight-forward job with good results using the user menu grayscale and CMS settings.

5/18/2007 Gramercy, NEC 42MP2.  Installed for an advertising agency demo room, and very poorly calibrated. A couple of hours later it was close to perfect.  This plasma from 2001 outperforms probably half the plasmas that are coming to the market this year. Very impressive performance for daytime viewing.

5/11/2007 Upper East Side, 2 x Fujitsu plasmas.  Always a joy to work on due to everything being accessible in the user menu.  Both were competent performers.  A comparison shows how far Fujitsu has come with making their blacks deeper.

5/5/2007 Upper West Side, Pioneer FHD1.  This 1080p offering corrects many of Pioneers usual errors.  Color decoding is more accurate, and grayscale calibration is available in the user menu.  Pixel perfect mode is also available, and with correct setting of the sharpness control the picture is very detailed.  The color management system doesn't work correctly since it doesn't have enough range to correct the oversaturated green primary.  Good gamma and overall response, highly recommended.

4/28/2007 Upper West Side, Panasonic TH-42PHD7UK + Lumagen HDQ.  The gold standard when it comes to very accurate picture without having to get a second mortgage.  Simply perfect, all sources looked great.

3/28/2007 Upper East Side, Sony SXRD + Lumagen HDP.  A very good combination.  The peaks and valleys in the grayscale were easily corrected in the Lumagen.  This is one of Sony's best sets.

3/25/2007 East Side, Sony SXRD KDS-50A2020.  Outstanding black levels and a massive gamut.  This panel was paired with a Lumagen processor, and the results were much better than using the internal processing of the Sony.  SD and DVDs especially showed much more detail and a lot less noise.  A good combination with very pleasing result.  Only caveat is the extreme gamut causing colors to be a little oversaturated.

3/25/2007 Brooklyn, Samsung LNS-4095D.  A pretty competent 1080p panel without major flaws.  Biggest issue is getting rid of all the edge enhancement features and the lack of per input memories.  This results in some compromises, and a good source is required.

3/15/2007 East Side, 3 Fujitsu plasmas of various model numbers.  The later models are a big step up from what Fujitsu made a couple of years ago.  They calibrate grayscale reasonable well, and have an excellent color management system that can align primary and secondary colors.

3/7/2007 East Side, Sony KDS-R70XBR2. This latest SXRD offering is a big step up for Sony.  In Custom mode with all the "features" disabled, this display is very close to reference.  Color decoding is perfect, grayscale can be done in user menu with flat response from 30-100 IRE.  Only caveat is a HUGE gamut, so colors will look over-saturated.  However, since the gamut is larger for both red, green and blue, it's not as bad as it could be.  Picture was stunning post-calibration and black levels excellent as well.

2/17/2007 Battery Park City, Pioneer PDP-5050.  A touch-up job for an existing customer.  Grayscale had drifted quite a bit since I last worked on this panel, but it was easy to fix.  A good performer, even if black level leaves something to be desired.

2/17/2007 Battery Park City, Samsung 1080p LCD flat panel.  I never liked the picture of Samsung flat panels, and this one was no exception.  Very difficult to calibrate to an adequate picture, even with it's flat grayscale.  High quality source is needed for this panel to perform good.  With an good DVD player should deliver an acceptable picture.

2/13/2007 Upper East Side, Fujitsu 1080p 42" Plasma. A very solid panel that can be made to look great.  All controls available in the user menu.

1/31/2007 Upper East Side, Sony LCD XBR3. A very accurate panel that likes all scanrates except 480p.  Grayscale in the user menu, accurate color decoding and color space makes this set a breeze to calibrate. 1x1 pixel mapping with 1080i sources available as well.

1/21/2007 Upper East Side, Samsung LCD flatpanel. As usual, Samsung are always very difficult to calibrate since the response in the service menu doesn't match the response in the user menu.  However, it worked out very well with accurate color decoding, accurate primaries and secondaries and a good flat grayscale.

1/13/2007 Brooklyn, Sony SXRD 50A2000.  A very full-featured set with all the needed controls exposed in the user menu.  Color decoder is spot on.  Primaries are a little over-saturated compared to HDTV standards, but not enough to distract.  Another Cablevision customer, so SD cable was very poor.

1/13/2007 Bronx, Hitachi 42HDS69.  A very competent plasma for the money.  Calibrates easily and delivers a surprisingly accurate picture.

1/10/2007 Hoboken, Sony KDL40V2500.  A pretty competent panel that uses a new kind of service menu, making calibration much easier than usual.  Apart from a slight red push, very nice results.  Now I just hope that Cablevision will get their act together and stop compressing the signal into nothingness on the SD channels.

11/29/2006 Westchester, Samsung LN-S4096D LCD flatpanel.  This set is capable of good performance, but the default settings are very far from accurate.  A thorough calibration cleaned up all the noise, and the picture turned out very smooth and detailed with a pretty flat grayscale.

11/17/2006 Chelsea, Sony 40" LCD XBR3. This is probably the best LCD panel on the market right now.  Handles all kinds of sources and scanrates with ease.  Very full featured, user menu settings for everything you could possibly want, including grayscale. Calibrates easily and behaves like a well-designed set should.  Does a great job even with SD, but 1080i movies really knocks your socks off.  Highly recommended.

11/1/2006 Brooklyn, Samsung 42" Plasma.  Capable of really good performance, but very far off with the default settings.  Movie mode is the only mode this set should be used in, since it enables further options in the service menu that enables you to calibrate the set accurately.  Overall, a good performer.

11/1/2006 Upper East Side, Sim HT-300 front projector.  A very nice setup with all the features you could ask for. Very accurate behavior apart from some service menu issues with saving grayscale.

10/19/2006 Brooklyn, Sony 40" LCD XBR2. A breeze to work with after we exchanged a troublesome Sharp Aquos for this set.  Grayscale controls in the user menu made this easy.  Very nice picture from a full featured set.

9/19/2006 Gramercy, Magnavox 32MF605W.  Not one of the best sets out there, but capable of decent pictures once you rein in the ultra-blue grayscale.

8/9/2006 Upper East Side, Sharp Aquos 26".  Always a tricky set to work with, but much improved with the later models.  A good bedroom alternative, but not recommended as a primary set.

8/9/2006 Upper East Side, Panasonic Viera ED Plasma.  This old set still performs very well with only a slight color decoder error. 

7/26/2006 Chelsea, Panasonic TH-42PX600U.  Multiple grayscale memories, saved separately for HD and SD scanrates makes this a very accurate set.  A little bit of red push is present over both HDMI and Component, but not enough to distract.  High resolution, resolves both HD and SD nicely without softening or sharpening the picture.  A healthy set on inputs makes for a well-rounded option.

7/23/2006 Washington Heights, Sony KF-42WE610.  A great set that can be made to have reference colors and grayscale.  HD looks fantastic, but 480p processing leaves a little to be desired.  Overall, very good results.

7/22/2006 Gramercy, Pioneer PDP-5060.  Much improved over the PDP-5050 with much deeper blacks.  Aggressive gamma makes for a nice and punchy look.  Grayscale tracks ruler-flat with this set, but it suffers from a slight red push.  Overall, a very good set.

7/16/2006 Westport, CT. Loewe Aconda 30".  A great HD CRT set with perfect color decoding.  A breeze to set up correctly.

7/12/2006 Upper West Side, Samsung HL-S5088W.  Very troublesome set to calibrate but it has great potential.  Getting the colors right takes a long time, but the results are a very clean and accurate picture.

7/12/2006 East Side, Sony 36" CRT.  An old 4x3 television that still looks pretty good.  It's a shame that it doesn't do HD content.

6/7/2006 Upper West Side, Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK.  Another example of this almost perfect set.  I have no complaints.  Very easy to calibrate and very accurate.

5/20/2006 Murray Hill, Sony KP51-HW40.  Sony CRT RPTVs are almost always capable of great and accurate pictures, and this set was no different.  Lots of work getting geometry and convergence correct, but the end-results was very film-like.  HD looks good as well.

5/20/2006 Greenwich Village, Sony KDL-V32XBR1. This Sony LCD flatpanel has a very manly green primary that causes some troubles for calibrators.  You can't use the normal methods of setting saturation and color decoder on this set, so you have to rely more on your own eyes.  That said, it's a very nice set that has great resolution and detail, and the outcome was good.

5/5/2006 Brooklyn, Panasonic TH-42PX60U.  The latest consumer versions has improved shadow detail and great black levels.  Easy to calibrate, but with a slight red push over HDMI.  Not visible with normal program material and skin tones look great.

4/22/2006 Staten Island, Sony VPL-VW100 "Ruby".  A true 1080p projector.  Color decoder is very accurate, and grayscale is a breeze to configure.  The gamut is larger than standard HDTV, but not far enough off to distort the color accuracy. Feeding 1080p/47.95 for DVD turned out to be optimal.  HD at 1080i looks great as well.

4/8/2006 Upper West Side, Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK.  Looks like the more recent models fixed the floating black level problem.  True reference quality picture.

4/2/2006 Chelsea, Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK.  This set never fails to please.  Noted an odd occurrence with 480p and 1080i grayscales not matching, so work was done in the service menu to correct. Perfect color decoding over component.

3/19/2006 The Bronx, Sony KD-34XBR960.  One of the best widescreen CRTs available.  Always a pleasure to work on one of these sets, since you have full control over all the aspects of the picture.  Results were great as usual.

3/18/2006 Upper West Side,  Loewe Aconda.  Perfect color decoding in conjunction with a ruler-flat grayscale makes this set a joy to watch.  It suffers from slight geometry issues, but not more than most CRT direct views.

3/18/2006 Upper West Side, Sharp 32D6U. Perfect grayscale out of the box at Mid-Low setting.  Colors perfect over HDMI, some red push over component.  Very nice overall results.

3/11/2006 Lower East Side,  Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK.  A more recent example from the new factory is even better than before.  Black level now holds solid, even at high APL. Outstanding results as always.

2/26/2006 Upper West Side, Samsung LNR408D.  Unusual service menu layout compared to most Samsungs. Grayscale settings are available, and work good.  Color decoder has a slight red push that can be mitigated in the user menu.  Noise and sharpening artifacts, as well as floating black level, can be corrected in the service menu.  Overall, nice result.

2/24/2006 Upper West Side, Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK. This is one of the best sets out there.  The gamut is much improved from the 6th generation Panasonics, and the color decoder is very close to perfect over Component (tweaking it in the service menu makes it 100% perfect). HDMI calibrated to D65 has perfect color as well. Edge Enhancement can be completely disabled.  Only drawback is floating blacks with high APL, but it's not a major distraction.

2/18/2006 Astoria, Panasonic TH-42PWD8UK.  This ED set has to be one of the best values on the market. Close to reference out of the box, and after some minor color decoder and grayscale work it looks really stunning. Even HD content on this 480p panel looks great!

2/17/2006 West Side, Sony Bravia LCD flat panel.  As usual with Sony's, a massive service menu had to be explored to find the correct settings.  After finding grayscale and color decoder controls, the set lined up nicely.  Very good picture, and surprisingly good viewing angle. 

2/13/2006 Morningside Heights, Samsung HLN437W.  Very far off when I arrived, but calibrated nicely. Perfect color decoding OOTB.  Sharpness control is a placebo, and does nothing. End results was almost perfect for 720p sources. 

1/22/2006 Little Italy, Panasonic TH-42PX50U.  Pretty decent out of the box, but needed some nudging to get the grayscale perfect.  Color decoder had minimal red push only. End result was very nice with minimal artifacts. 

1/20/2006 Upper East Side, Gramercy, Sony KDS-R50XBR1.  Utilizing SXRD technology, this set can produce really good blacks if you clamp down the Iris.  Very close to reference color decoding, with a slightly larger gamut.  Grayscale was too blue in Warm mode, but easily corrected in the service menu.  Overall, a very nice result with great depth to the picture. 

1/13/2006 Gramercy, Sony KDF-E50A10.  The Sony LCD rear projection sets never cease to amaze me with what they are capable of for the money.  The added Iris feature really help the black levels of this set.  Almost reference quality grayscale and color decoding.

12/28/2005 Long Island, Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK.  This is such a great set, especially when paired with a Lumagen video processor.  Perfect grayscale and color decoding.

12/27/2005 Upper East Side, Panasonic TH-42XVS30.  Another great Panasonic set.  Grayscale just a little off, color decoder close to perfect.  Just needed some touch-ups and everything looked great.

12/17/2005 Staten Island, Sharp LC45GD6U.  A new crop of Aquos running improved firmware.  Grayscale calibration is very complex on this set, but the result was exceptional.  The Color Management system was able to align the color decoder to reference standard.  Very good at resolving fine details as well.  The first LCD panel that really impressed me.

12/15/2005 Maspeth, Mitsubishi WD-73727.  A very large rear projection set.  Easy to calibrate grayscale, and Perfect Color could be used to mitigate the color decoder errors. Nice outcome.

12/9/2005 Huntington, Long Island, Panasonic TH-37PHD8UK.  These sets are very easy to calibrate, and the end result is fantastic.  Looks like the color decoder has improved, and only a slight nudge to compensate the component input was needed.

12/4/2005 Downtown, Hitachi 57S500.  Took some work to focus, converge and calibrate but the end result was worth it.  These sets are capable of good pictures as long as you tweak them right.

11/15/2005 Upper East Side, Samsung HL-R5668W. Good primaries and color decoding.  Calibrates nicely, only sticky point in DNIe which cannot be fully disabled.  Overall, one of the better DLP rear projectors out there.

10/29/2005 Battery Park, Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK.  This has to be one of the best plasmas on the market.  Very close to reference out of the box.  Excellent black level.  Very minor tweaking needed to set up correctly. I wish I had one myself!

10/10/2005 Syosset, Long Island, Fujitsu P55XHA40US. Has plenty of controls, but black level is a little too bright.  Color decoding and management features are very useful.  A very powerful set with lots of features, leaving something to be desired in black level and lower end of grayscale.

10/5/2005 Battery Park, Pioneer PDP-5050. A great plasma set, as long as you disable all the "features" that destroy the picture.  Easy to calibrate, great outcome.

10/1/2005 Wayne, NJ, Panasonic TD50PX500U.  Requires special equipment to access service menu. Saving values in service menu resets all user settings to default.  A painful set to calibrate, but the end results where good.  Red push is not correctable.

9/24/2005 Gramercy, Pioneer PDP-5050. A great plasma set, just needed to eliminate all edge enhancement and tweak the grayscale a little bit for the picture to be accurate.

9/20/2005 Upper East Side, Loewe Aconda 30".  Excellent service menu, and easy to calibrate.  No red push by default, the Europeans seem to care more for color accuracy.

9/11/2005 Brooklyn, Sharp Aquos 37".  Very hard to calibrate since you don't know how service menu adjustments affect the picture until you exit the service menu.  After wrestling with this for a while, it calibrated very good.  The CMS feature managed to eliminate all the red push.

9/4/2005 East Hampton, Sony KP61HS10. Massive convergence errors took some time to correct. Grayscale and color decoding lines up nicely.  Overall a great set.

8/31/2005 Long Island, Hitachi 55HDT51. A very rigid set with lots of automatic features that need to be disabled.  Once done, it reverts to a high fidelity display device, which calibrates nicely.  It has a cool color decoder/management feature that works pretty good.

8/11/2005 Queens, Samsung TXN3098WHF. Lots of bang for the buck.  These sets are a pain to adjust grayscale on, but once you're done they look great.  Lack of individual memory/input is a problem, but in this case, almost all the values agreed.  Color decoder adjusted and DNIe features defeated.

8/8/2005 Downtown, Sony KD-34XBR960.  Another great Sony, DVDs look perfect and HD is stunning. Sharpness should be set to 0 on these sets to eliminate false outlines.

3/12/2005 New Jersey, Sony Bronx, Sony KF-42WE610. Running this set 720p all around brings out its best features. It has a massive color gamut, with great saturation without distorting skin tones. Tracks grayscale almost perfectly, and has a fully adjustable color decoder (even for DVI, surprisingly!).

2/19/2005 Bronx, Sony KD-34XBR960.  This is a great set, excellent blacks, perfect color decoding possible in the SM and very solid grayscale tracking.  I miss my old CRT after seeing this one.

2/12/2005 Upper East Side, Mitsubishi WD-52725 DLP RP. Very far off OOTB, but calibrates grayscale nicely. Good color decoder controls over component.

2/12/2005 Upper East Side, Panasonic TH-37PWD7U.  The 7 series is very close to perfect on "Low" color temp settings.  Just a slight nudge to get the grayscale perfect, color decoder aligned, reduce some overscan and you have a display perfect for DVDs.  Stunning.

1/30/2005 Brooklyn Heights, Sony KF-55XS955. Stunning set, after calibration this was spot on, color decoder adjustments made a picture to die for.  One on the best I've ever seen, truly reference quality.

1/19/2005 Upper East Side, Samsung LTN226W was a troublemaker, but we managed to improve it substantially. Also did a Sony KZ-42TS1 which came out great.

1/8/2005 Upper East Side, Sharp Aquos LC-45GX6U.  Very nice panel out of the box. Lacking a lot of green in the grayscale and some red push on component.  Results came out nice, HD looked fantastic.

12/29/2004 Brooklyn, Panasonic TH-42PX25U/P. Grayscale tracks perfectly on this display, only issue is with a little red push.  HD fed over HDMI looked stunning when we were done (no color decoder issues there).  You can't beat a plasma when it comes to clear, bright pictures (YMMV of course :-).

12/27/2004 Upper East Side, Samsung DLP HLP-5063W.  This one took over four hours, Samsung keeps changing the menus around to confuse us calibrators. :-)  After working through the changes, grayscale and color decoding was spot on.  This set looks great with HDTV material and has lots of brightness.

12/6/2004 Upper West Side, another Sony KF-42WE610, this one a year old.  The end result was spectacular, clear, clean, great color fidelity.  These sets really benefit from a good calibration to bring the real picture out.

12/3/2004 Went to Malverne, Long Island today to set up a Sony KF-42WE610 LCD rear projection set.  Easy to work with. We achieved great results.  Grayscale tracking very close to optimal, good resolution after a couple of service menu adjustments, color decoding adjusted to NTSC standards.

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